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Monday, October 3, 2011


We had a grand time.  Everything was not organized and stress-free, but it also gave us a three-day weekend to spend together, we were moving into our house, and had a good plan even if it was a bit crazy.

A few of details to give you an idea of the bigger picture.  The construction workers pasted their promised {and already postponed} deadline, our contract was up on the apartment with more people scheduled to move in only a few days later,  and Rafa’s friend with a truck could only help out after 10:30 p.m. So Friday night {really Saturday morning}  at 2 a.m. we told the construction workers they could leave,  laid our mattress on the living room floor in the middle of all of our stuff possessions, and fell asleep like giddy as four-year-olds.

We left around 9 the following morning to give our keys to the landlord and give the construction workers space to finish the details.  {Lighting, anyone?}  We slept in the same conditions that night, and then Sunday afternoon after church a small army came and helped us start turning our house into a home.  Thus enter what you have all been waiting for: pictures! 

The boys {brother-in-law to the left and Rafa to the right} working hard to clean up the outside. It required dirt and gravel hauling form the backyard to level it all out.



Rafa’s great-aunt Tita {the famous Gael's grandmother} working hard in the living room.


Cleaning the bedroom.


Discovering the floor!  And taking a break for a round of Chines checkers.



And the first comida….


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