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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Some Goals….

Personal ones and some of “ours” for the next phase of our life.   I always set goals..and good ones, but never seem to complete them.  But I accomplish a lot more than if I had not set them in the first place.  The give me focused and determined (sometimes!) So here we go….

Home Life

Garden- I have always dreamed of fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers.  And plan on accomplishing it through a square foot garden and as well as using some techniques my friends from the mountains taught me….flowers

Some of the things I was hoping to  grow-like cucumbers- just will not take root where we will be living.  The whole thing will be very experimental and it could all flop, especially considering my (lack of) skills.

Canning- Something that delights me about Mexico, particularly our location, is the abundance of a variety of fresh (organically grown) produce all.year.long.  And the prices.  12 pounds of mandarins for 80 cents?  Yes, please!   To stock up on the things going in and out of season, canning will be the answer!  As well, I personally hope to kill and preserve (salting and canning)  a pig, but we are working on the details of that one.

Animals- I could love a cluster of chicken for eggs and eating once they are done producing, but we must finish closing in the property first…but that should came rather soon.  A dog for security and for play. I was also wanting a goat for milk, but I discovered a place where fresh cows milk can be bought for the equivalent of 45 cents a liter.  That gives the same results and  seems to be a bit simpler.

The House- Simple. Functional. Practical. Lovely.  More on this later. 

Basically, I want to keep our home life pretty simple in order to make it into a haven-a place that is ours and we enjoy being and growing.  “Going Green” has always interested me…not as a means to save the plant, but as a form of healthy, purposeful living.  I have been given the perfect opportunity to attempt it, so attempt I shall!


The community that we will be living in is new to both Rafa and me.  Even though our house is in his hometown, it is in another part than where he grew up.   It will be exciting to discover new things there together.  The plan is to meet all of the neighbors, with something in hand to offer, as soon as possible.  We are planning an English camp for the summer and hope the kids in our neighborhood will participate.  More details on this later too.

Even though our home is small, we want it to open.  We have purposefully designed it to be able to comfortably host over-night guests as well as several people at a time for dinner or coffee. 

Our desire is to know the people in our community-their families, needs, and good times-and to be apart of it all with the ultimate goal of leading them to Jesus.  To be honest, the idea scares.me.to.death. Not because it is Mexico, the idea scares me no matter where I’m at, but because they are people and I could be rejected.  Big time. And I am not comfortable with rejection.    But we know that He is the one who will do the work-and its His love that needs to be scared. 

The group of Christians in our town is small and relatively new.  I am sooo longing forward to getting to know the ladies and kids there!   I have so much to learn about life there, so I plan on asking for help from them and hopefully beginning dear friendships!


Continue pursuing degree.

My goal for this year to study Colossians.  When I was in school in Michigan we took time to individually study books of the Bible to learn what they say and apply it to our lives and ministry. I have the tools to do it…now to get to it! 

Reading- to learn. for delight.  to inspire.  Missionary biographies. Theological  interests, relationship books.  Anything that peeks my interest. 

Learn more Spanish.  Self Explanatory. 

Journal.  Prayer journal.  I have started this many times, but seem to slack off.  I want to make it consistent. 

Continue being mentored. 

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