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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

La Primera Vista


I woke up and attempted to gain focus. Where in the world was I? I heard murmuring that I could not comprehend. I dressed and wondered what I should do next. I peeped out the metal door and discovered a room full of happenings. The table was packed with people, others where standing, and still more milling around filling up the table with food. Even though I was completely awake at this point, I still did not understand what was going on or what was being said. Everyone was chattering in a language that I had come to that place to learn: Spanish. I was introduced to each face around the table one-by-one, being told I was going to be given a quiz later. I acted like I got each one down, but I really had no idea what any of them where named. I had meet a couple of them, including the only two girls, the night before. The rest remained a mystery. As soon as they ate, they all left and suddenly the house was empty with the exception of the aging couple who lived there. I had no idea what to do, so I began to clear dishes, but I was told to leave them for later. A young couple with three young kids, including a baby showed up and we all pilled into the Suburban. We drove a little ways, then started up a mountain side. On the way up we picked up walkers, offering them a ride to top. A small church building with hundreds of people gathered around the outside waited for us at the top.

A wedding.

I offered to hold the baby. I had always used them as security blankets when I did not want any attention but on me. Plus this one was sweet and hardly cried. Someone a few feet away caught my attention. One of the guys who had eaten at the house that morning…oh what was his name? Who knew. I certainly didn’t. He clapped his hands together, then held out his arms, indicating that he wanted the baby. I shook my head with a resolved “No!". No way was he taking my security blanket... I was quite content as I was.

Little did I know that young man would steal my heart and in a little under 16 months later he would be taking me as his bride.

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