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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today I’m grateful for…

~slow cooking beans.

~swayed away in the rocking chair with my babe long past bedtime.

~ a new-to-me shirt.  a sweet considerate gift from my husband. 

~seeds.  lots and lots of seeds.  and the promise they bring of fresh beds of lettuce, beefy tomatoes, and the sweet smell of lavender. 

~Matthew 15.

~chocolate milk for him. peppermint tea for me.  cinnamon rolls for all three.  a cozy breakfast with my boys. 

~a baby carrier and a long walk. 

~sore muscles.

~eggs down 8 pesos. 

~prolonged sick days.  

~hymn singing and baby bathing.

~roses wilted. 

~creamed corn and bacon wrapped chicken.  yum! 

~a knowledgeable old soul. 

~tomorrow’s trash day. 

These days are just a hummin’ by and we are trying to suck every last sweet drop of ‘em!

1 comment:

  1. Rocking chair- I remember precious memories with both my babes who are 48 and 50 now!
    Baby bathing- did Job appreciate the hymn singing? Did he join in?