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Friday, April 13, 2012

It’s April 13th. It’s April 13th?!

How in the world did we ever get halfway through April already?  Wasn’t it *just* Christmas?!?  As a child I heard people talk about time flying and I could never understand it.  Now I do.  Does that mean I am old?  I’m okay with being old.DSCN0648 

Last night I spent some time cleaning up the computer.  Defragmenting, erasing old pictures and the like.  We are about to have a baby and I have a feeling we will need all the memory space for pictures we can get!    I took the time to look at the pictures from the past several months.   In doing so, I was reminded again and again of God’s goodness to us. Our life is nothing extraordinary. We are just a young couple passing through day to day life in the midst of the struggles that come from being strangers in this world.  But God is good.  Showing us again and again that we are His. That He wants our hearts and has a plan for our lives that is anything but ordinary. 

Why am I so slow to trust?  Why do I let my emotions, not the truth, guide my heart?  We are weeks or even days away from welcoming a little man into this world.  A child.  A person. A soul.  To say I am thrilled would be an understatement.  But to say I was not worried would be a flat out lie.  Change always worries me because I do not know what the outcome will be.  I often prefer for everything to stay the same, good, bad, or missing out on God’s best, because I know the way things are is something I can handle.  How sad is that?  Some thoughts from my journal a few days ago….

“Lord, I do believe that this whole things is causing me to trust You…and your word….trust that You know what’s best even if its not what I would choose.  Trust that You love the soul I carry inside of me more than I ever could. That this child is only mine for a time, that I am only a season in his life, and that You will determine the rest.  That you have entrusted me with this precious boy because you know I am able; not on my own, but thru You.  That your mercies are new every morning and that You will carry us through one day at a time.”

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