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Friday, February 3, 2012

The Day God Gave me a Chicken…

I have wanted hens for a long time now.

But there was always one thing and then the other…Apartment living,  no closed in yard space, going out of town, then the cold season. Then there is the list of a million other things that are more important than chickens that we hope to accomplish before Baby D makes his arrival.  Building a chicken coop, buying chicks, and all that while desired where put on the back burner. 

Until a couple of weeks ago.  Rafa came home from work for lunch with a cardboard box.   A hen was inside!   She “just-so-happened”  to show up at the shop where he works. And wouldn’t you know?  She has been quite faithful in her egg laying duties.  She is calm, does not destroy things, and clucks occasionally, but other than that you would have know idea she was around. 


I know that she was a sweet gift from God.  A just-because-I-love-you gift.  I smile and give thanks every time I step outside to see her or pick up a still warm brown egg. 


“…Every good and perfect gift comes from above…”

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